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"Merging Technology and Business."

Spidatek's services cover a wide range of areas, from photography to e-commerce solutions. In order to assess the best approach for your needs, take the time to learn what Spidatek's different services have to offer and the implementation of each. If there is no specific area covered which is of interest to you, don't hesitate to contact us with details and we will be glad to discuss solutions.

Print Media
Weather it's business stationary, logos, marketing or promotional material, covers for books and magazines, flyers or greeting cards, Spidatek strives to meet your requirement, your deadline, or recommend the process that most effectively meets your standard.

Digital Media and Presentations
Spidatek understands the diverse applications of technical information. It is precisely for this reason that we offer multimedia solutions to suit your specific needs. By incorporating dynamic software solutions, presentations become clear, vivid and powerful. Spidatek offers service in the following areas:

Macromedia Flash
Microsoft PowerPoint
Corel Presentations

The powerful aspect of these tools is not only the ability to incorporate components of each other but also their flexibility and impressive manageability. To inquire further about your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Digital Imaging
Creation and manipulation of the eye's perception is an intricate art form that is furthered through the use of computer technology. Spidatek's professional team of graphics artists are capable of meeting your imaging needs, be it a touch up of an image, a completely unique graphic, seamless collages to technical 3d images. In order to best suit your graphical requirements, please contact us with specific details and we will provide you with a quote and outline to the process.

Photo Editing and Manipulation
With the aid of state of the art technology in the industry, Spidatek offers professional image restoration and manipulation services. Don't let damage caused by age or disasters obstruct an invaluable memory, restore priceless moments and memories of loved ones, preserving the vibrant beauty held within. No matter how hopeless you may think the photograph is, give us a chance to restore and repair your precious memories, after all it is the most rewarding thing we do.

Spidatek offers custom photography services for various uses. Please contact us for more information.

Website Promotion
Increasing visitors to your site is a simple process. Spidatek will submit your website to the top 42 major search engines on the web; virtually guaranteeing an increase in hits.


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